Join an MKP Men’s Group: Online or Local

Our Men’s Groups are safe,
confidential spaces
where men are free to speak
openly and honestly
about their lives,
and support each other
in realizing their dreams
and aspirations.

Online Men’s Groups

Online Men’s Groups are designed for men who are likely new to Men’s Work, and who have not completed MKP’s flagship training, the New Warrior Training Adventure. These Groups are facilitated by men who are experienced in leading authentic, open conversations among men.

  • FREE • Confidential • Facilitated
  • Connect in a supportive and compassionate space
  • Take a step and discover if Men’s Work is right for you

Local Men’s Groups (I-Groups)

Local Men’s Groups, or I-Groups, are traditionally comprised of men who have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure (“initiated men”). Many of these men have been participating in an I-Group for years or even decades.

The interaction in these groups is very different from the way men usually interact. The conversations are genuine, honest and direct — and supportive. Men hold each other accountable, and challenge one another around the commitments they make.

Each group maintains its own schedule and rules, or agreements. Some of these Groups are “Open,” indicating that they welcome “uninitiated men” to visit their circle. The list below contains groups that are Open to visitors.

If you’re interested in visiting a Local Men’s Group (I-Group), complete the form below and enter the names of the groups from the list below that want to visit. An I-Group Coordinator will contact you by email.

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Local Men’s Groups